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7 Ways to Fix Snoring

7 Ways to Fix Snoring

When snoring affects you or your loved one, you may believe that it is something that you have no control over. That’s not true, snoring is certainly a problem you can fix, and you can start by simply visiting a doctor or even fix the problem on your own.  When it comes to snoring, it is something that can happen to both: men and women around the world and can have a very negative impact on your overall life: from feeling fatigued and unable to function due the lack of sleep to divorce.

Whether snoring has begun due to lifestyle choices or something that has bothered you since you were a child, it is an annoying problem that keeps your loved ones awake and has been known to cause hostility in the home. Moreover, snoring can turn into sleep apnea which is a serious medical condition.

Did you know that snoring is the leading medical cause of divorce in the United States? This is because with snoring comes lack of sleep for your bed partner and if not handled the right way, this lack of sleep can lead to anger, fights, irritability, feelings of fatigue, inability to perform daily tasks, and when not dealt with can eventually lead to ..yes divorce.

Many people that suffer from snoring actually end up correcting their problem without having to see doctor. It is true, in most cases snoring is not dangerous and an issue that can be dealt with help of a few snoring aids, however in some cases such as sleep apnea medical opinion is a must. To get you started, here is a list of things you can do to help eliminate your problem of snoring.

1.   Change Sleeping Position

7ways1When you sleep on your back and snore at night, you do so more often than not because your tongue has become relaxed and falls back into your throat. When this occurs, it leads to an obstruction in your airway, which leads to vibrations and those vibrations create the sounds known as snoring. If you switch up your sleeping position and either sleep on your side or stomach, your chances of snoring reduce drastically. If you don’t think you can sleep on your side through the night, look into getting a full-length body pillow which will help you keep a healthy position.

2.   Cut Down on Alcohol and Smoking

This doesn’t mean that you need to completely eliminate alcohol from your day to day routine, but you will want to avoid it the closer7ways2 it gets to your bedtime. A lot of the time, those who drink excessively at night fall asleep easier, but that almost guarantees snoring, especially if they are also overweight. If you drink a lot within a few hours of when you go to sleep, your throat muscles will become relaxed and this will lead to snoring or in more severe cases, obstructive sleep apnea. Stop drinking 3-4 hours before bed and that should help the situation. As for smoking, it causes airways to be blocked by irritating the membranes in the nasal passages, leading to snoring. Quitting or cutting down should really make a difference for you!

3.   Drop the Excess Weight

7ways3If you were at a healthy weight and suddenly added 20-25 pounds and suddenly began snoring, there may be a correlation between the two. This holds especially true if the weight gained is around your neck. When you gain weight around your neck, it will begin to mess with the diameter of your throat, which can be the starting point for snoring to begin. Overall, overweight and obese snore a lot more often than those with normal weight. So start with including exercises into your lifestyle and cutting down on fatty foods. Losing weight will not only help you reduce your snoring, but will improve your overall health.

4.   Get New Pillows

7ways4This seems like a simple idea, but it is one that can have a great positive effect on your life. Pillows should be replaced the same amount of times you change your toothbrush each year. You may think it is because of the support, or lack thereof that leads to the snoring, but it is actually all the dust particles and allergens that are collected by the pillow over time that are your biggest concern. When you clean your home each week, you wash the floors, vacuum the carpets, clean the toilet, but the one thing that is often neglected is the ceiling fan blades. Harmful dust particles build up on these and when you turn your fan on at night, these particles are sent flying through the air and will collect on your bed and pillow. Also, be wary about allowing your dog or cat to sleep in the bed, as their dander is another harmful agent that can attach itself to your pillow. Allergies and stuffy nose is a very common cause of snoring, so taking such simple step as getting new pillows and keeping your room as clean as possible may really help your snoring.

5.   Work on Your Sleep Hygiene

7ways5One of the worst things you can for your health do is not get enough sleep. But did you know that being overly tired can actually enhance your snoring? When you work constant long hour days while only getting four-six hours of sleep each night, you aren’t practicing proper sleep hygiene.  When you are overly tired, what happens is you sleep deep and hard, and the muscles around your throat become floppier, much like in the case with snoring and extra weight, which in turn creates snoring.

6.   Open Nasal Passages

7ways6Just like your tongue falling back into your throat can lead to snoring, the same can be said of obstructions in your nasal passages. Whether it is because of allergies, the common cold, nasal deformities or something genetic, if your nose is clogged you will likely snore to some extent. One way you can open your nasal passage up before going to sleep is by taking a hot shower or using a saltwater rinse. Another great way to reduce nasal congestion is by using nasal strips or nasal spray.  Sometimes, getting a humidifier for the room you sleep in can also do magic and eliminate your snoring, because the air become moist vs dry and this helps to unclog the nose.

7.   Drink Lots of Liquids

7ways7There are dozens of health benefits from drinking plenty of water each day and the same holds true for your snoring. If you are dehydrated, the mucus and other secretions in your throat can become sticky and turn into obstructions. For men, 16 total cups of water should be consumed to ensure you give your nasal passage and airway the best shot of staying clear. If 16 is too much, at least aim to have 8-19 glasses.

Last but not least, find out why you snore. Taking a simple online quiz can help shed some light on the reason behind your snoring. People usually are either nose snorers or mouth snorers or a little bit of both and test helps you figure out which category you fit in. If you are a mouth snorer, meaning you sleep with an open mouth the simplest solution is usually a stop snoring jaw strap, which helps to keep your mouth closed and forces you to breathe through your nose. For nose snorers solutions such as nasal spray, nasal dilators and nasal strips seem to work best.

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