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As if You Need Another Reason to Stop Snoring… It Makes You Ugly

As if You Need Another Reason to Stop Snoring… It Makes You Ugly


The title of this post says it all. If you really needed any other reason to try to remove snoring from your nightly equation, the fact that it came make you uglier is a major turning point. Snoring used to be considered just a bad habit or an annoyance for the significant others stuck listening to the sounds at night, but the fact that it can cause a person to become ugly is a scary thought for some.

For the spouse of the person that snores each night, the fact that you may become ugly or look tired is the case for obvious reasons. The less sleep you get each night, the more irritated, uncomfortable and tired you become. Those are all equations that have negative effects on your body. As the person who snores, you probably already know all of these are possible for your spouse, but you may have never considered that your habit could lead to negative effects on your life in this way.

Anyone who has seen a doctor about their snoring habit knows already that this annoying habit can lead to dangerous situations for the snorer including obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease and even stroke. In the long run, these are far more severe side effects of snoring than becoming ugly, but it is still something that you need to consider.

Study Specifics

A new research study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine look at nearly two dozen individuals and found that those that suffer from sleep apnea and the interrupted breathing face a higher likelihood of appearing less attractive than those who don’t snore. The study also found that the snorers were less alert and appeared less youthful than those who don’t suffer from sleep apnea.

The specifics of the study saw 20 middle-aged patients that suffer from sleep apnea get treated for their ailment. The study included both men and women and the difference was seen throughout the two sexes. Before and after the treatment, pictures of the patients were taken so examination can be made to their improved appearance. In more than 67 percent of situations, the snorers that had their issue treated and corrected saw their after treatment picture get judged to be more attractive.

For those that feel their foreheads are large enough as it is, you will be happy to hear that post-treatment, most of the patients saw their foreheads become less “puffy.” For those that have been known to have a red face ever since they were kids, most of the patients also saw that color disappear a bit from their faces after treatment.


This study didn’t involve only a look and judge approach. Those patients were treated to a sensitive technique that mapped their face. This is an approach usually used by surgeons. The images were then rated by individual raters and they found change in many patients after just a few months. The actual method of treatment used in this study was a CPAP machine which pumped air into their body and prevented any pauses in breathing throughout the night.

The University of Michigan Health System and Michigan Technological University decided to run the study after hearing about certain findings from sleep center staff. Overall, the study saw that in most cases, the use of CPAP machine made it so the patients would appear and feel better than they did prior to use. If you feel like treatment with a CPAP machine sounds like something you may want to use to cut out snoring, seek out the guidance of your doctor.

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