The Most Bizarre Sleeping Disorders

The Most Bizarre Sleeping Disorders


Many people think that when they are struggling to get to sleep each night that it could just be related to being overtired, feeling restless or not being tired enough. While this could be the case some of the time, there are also times when your inability to get to sleep or sleep

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through the night when it is because you suffer from a sleeping disorder. Many of these sleeping disorders are widely known, but there are numerous others that

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aren’t as well known and can be considered bizarre.

What are some of the most bizarre sleeping disorders you could be diagnosed with?

Sleep Paralysis

A condition that affects teenagers more than any other age class is sleep paralysis, which happens when you are unable to move, talk and are frozen stiff. It is known to affect anywhere from five to 40 percent of Americans and while it isn’t dangerous, could be a scary position to be in. It can be triggered in your body by increased stress, changed

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sleeping patterns and/or lack of sleep. The best way to get out of this state is to be spoken to or touched, or intense will power to make a move.

Eating Disorder

This may not sound like a typical sleeping disorder, but the eating disorder we are talking about here is that of people who compulsively eat at all times of day and night. You may wake up in the middle of the night, head to the bathroom and then go to the kitchen. You might not completely be awake, but you will still head for the candy dish, leftover cheesecake or other sugary and high-calorie items. It’s hard enough for millions of Americans to keep the extra weight off when they sleep peacefully through the night, let alone when they need to worry about eating at night.

Kleine Levin Syndrome

This is another rare and bizarre sleeping disorder that would actually do

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the opposite of the conventional belief of not getting enough sleep. With this condition, you would sleep for 20 hours a day for weeks. Most of those that suffer from the condition are adolescent males and can be linked to excessive eating, hallucinations, flu-like symptoms, disorientation, wild sexual urges and more. There is research that needs to be done to better understand this sleeping disorder, but the belief is that there may be a malfunction in the parts of the brain that have control over sleeping and eating habits. Once you get this condition, it could take a decade or longer for the symptoms to recede.

Fatal Familial Insomnia

This will make the old adage of sleeping to death come to reality. This extremely rare disorder only affects a few families around the world and what starts out as difficulty sleeping, followed by dementia, acting out of dreams and loss of energy, eventually worsens to the point where you fall into despair, both mentally and physically. The physical symptoms you may experience with this rare sleeping disorder include increased heart rate, fever and rapid breathing. As the symptoms become worse, the chances of the person falling into a coma and eventually passing away increases. When death occurs because of this condition, it is usually from a complication such as an infection rather than the actual condition.

REM-Sleep Disorder Behavior

When a person is diagnosed with REM-Sleep Disorder Behavior, you may suffer from embarrassing and/or

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dangerous issues while sleeping. Those with this condition are known to act out their dreams, which can lead to episodes featuring screaming, punching, shouting, kicking, swearing and other violent and potentially dangerous problems. This is a condition that you spouse should be able to help you diagnose, especially if they wake up with a bloody nose or black eye.


During the day, people with hypersomnia feel extremely sleepy, groggy, tired and in some cases, agitated. These people may also disappear for a few minutes to take a quick nap, but this is done as a necessity. These naps don’t always help clear the fatigue from your body and those diagnosed with the condition might find it difficult to hold down a job because of the sleep schedule.

Sleep Apnea

The most common sleeping disorder you could be diagnosed with is obstructive sleep apnea, the condition that can develop when prolonged sleep apnea remains untreated. When a person has sleep apnea, they suffer from pauses in breathing while they sleep, and in some cases, these apnea’s can last as long generic viagra online generic-viagraonline2sex

as a few minutes and when you begin to breathe again, may gasp for air. This condition is usually brought on by the soft tissues in your throat becoming relaxed and blocking your airway. When your airway is blocked, that is when you will begin snoring and will suffer from sleep apnea.

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