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Could There Be a Cure For Snoring?

Could There Be a Cure For Snoring?

spooning-900x450Snoring is something that affects millions of people around the world equally. The condition affects people of different races, ages and sex the same and while there are environmental factors in play that cause some people to snore more than others, for the most part, it is the blockage of the airway or nasal passage that creates the vibrations that lead to the annoying sounds.

The path to a quality night worth of sleep for most people that share a bed with snorer could lead them to purchasing a year’s supply of earplugs, noise cancelling head phones or simply just anger and resentment. Over the years, there have been numerous studies that have come out that say snoring is cured and according to another one in the International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, there could actually be a cure for the condition. Before we go into what the study said, let’s look back on the basics of snoring.

Causes of Snoring

As we mentioned earlier, snoring can occur in any person no matter what the circumstances. For some, it has been something that has bothered them their entire life, while for others; it is allergies or a cold that has created the problem. The way you sleep could also affect whether you snore and how severe it is.

  • Cold – When you have a cold, your entire body takes a hit. You feel weak and the tissues in your throat are affected. When these tissues begin to get damaged by a cold, they begin to form blockages. When you have normal airflow going through your airways and there is that obstruction that formed from when you had a cold, it creates the vibrations.
  • Environment – For some, the reason they snore is the air in the room they sleep. While some people don’t like to have water in the air while sleeping, others need it and without it, the airways are bothered, leading to snoring.
  • The Position You Sleep – If you are a person that sleeps mostly on their stomach or side, then snoring is something that is not a problem for you or anyone in your household. When you are sleeping on your back, many things happen. For those that have problems with their airways or nasal passage to begin with, sleeping on your book will only make snoring more relevant in your life. When you sleep on your back, your tongue gets relaxed and will fall back into your throat. This of course obstructs the airflow through your body and leads to snoring.

Impact on Everyday Life

Those that snore and keep their family up at night might not realize the overall problem with their behavior. If left untreated, severe snoring problems can lead to dangerous health problems. There are also personal and professional problems with snoring that is often left overlooked until it is too late.

  • Health Problems – Snoring can often be the first sign that you may be suffering from obstructive sleep apnea. This is a sleeping disorder that causes long snores and the occasional lapse in breathing. This issue has been linked in the past to cardiovascular disease and other dangerous conditions.
  • Problems at Home – When you are the person snoring and keeping everyone else up, you don’t know what is occurring because, well, you are sleeping. When it comes to personal relationships at home with your spouse, prolonged snoring spells throughout several weeks and months could lead to anger, resentment and what seems like a short fuse with anger outbursts. If you are the person that is being kept up at night, you need to find a way to approach your loved one without being confrontational about it. You don’t want to have this discussion in the middle of the night while you are angry, so wait for a calm time the next day to talk it over.

What is the Cure?

The cure that researchers from Medical Xpress found is a simple one that will leave many people wondering why it wasn’t found to be a solution sooner. When it comes to what the cure for snoring is, all you need to do is hit a high note and sing more often.

The study examined 60 patients who had obstructive sleep apnea and 60 others that had basic snoring issues. The study was conducted over a three month period and half the participants sang and the other half did not. When the study was completed, the group of patients that sang had experienced a significantly smaller chance of snoring and actually saw an improvement in their overall quality of sleep compared to those that didn’t sing. Those that took part in the study and did not sing did not see a change in their sleeping habits.

This doesn’t mean you should hit the karaoke bar at night because karaoke usually leads to the consumption of alcohol and that will hinder your ability to sleep well. What this study shows is that you need to take part in traditional singing exercises. When you take part in singing exercises, what you are doing is working to heal the weakened muscles in your throat that play a role in your snoring.

If this solution seems too extreme for you, you may try simpler solutions such as various kinds of sleep aids, from Stop Snoring JAw Straps to Nasal Dilators.Visit our store to learn more about which product may suit you best!

What Solution Could Mean for Families

What this study has done is provide families a chance to get their nights back again. By improving the weakened muscles in your throat, the likelihood of snoring goes down for everyone from the mild snorer to those that have seen their snoring become a more serious problem.

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