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Cut Out Snoring By Singing

Cut Out Snoring By Singing


For many people, snoring is something that happens and can’t be corrected. That is the first misconception about snoring and one that can lead to many dangerous conditions. Basic snoring on its own is not dangerous, but excessive snoring can lead to heart disease, obstructive sleep apnea and other conditions. Snoring is something that people try to stop doing by changing their sleeping position, eating habits and purchase stop-snoring aids. There is one other thing that doesn’t require any purchase as there are now some studies that say singing can help to cut down snoring.

What Does Singing Do For Throat Muscles?

In a study performed in the United Kingdom, it was determined that snorers can help to allow everyone else in the household to get a great night of sleep by joining a voice program. This can be in a choir or by taking singing lessons. The study found that these singing exercises worked to strengthen throat muscles that play vital roles in some people snoring. Over time, the muscles in throats become weakened because of cold or flu and even alcohol consumption. By taking voice lessons, you are working to reverse the negative effects over the course of your life that has affected these muscles.

The study found that those that had symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea actually saw their symptoms dissipate after taking vocal lessons. For professional singers, these exercises are done to improve their tone and even the strength of their voice, allowing them to hit the highest of notes. When it comes to non-singers, you may not be able to sing like Christina Aguilera, but you will be able to allow your bedmate to sleep comfortably.

The idea for this study came about from the choir director of Exeter University in the UK. The director, Alise Ojay, had seen numerous people benefit from a singing program and Malcolm Hilton, a sub-dean at the university decided to run the study. Considering how serious snoring can become if left untreated, the study was one that all parties involved thought was important enough to follow through on.

The Experiment

To complete the experiment, 120 people who ranged from mild to chronic snorers, were examined. Over the course of three months, participants from all groups were put on a program that consisted of singing exercises and then there were those that didn’t get on a program. The study was a self-guided program that consisted of three audio CDs which needed to be completed for 20 minutes per day.

When the trial concluded, they found that those that took part in the signing program had reduced the loudness and severity of snoring, as well as the loudness of the snores. Overall, improved sleeping quality was seen in the majority of these patients.

Just because this study found that singing can help to reduce the amount you snore doesn’t mean that is all you need to do. Adding this program to a new diet that limits you alcohol and tobacco consumption is a great starting point. You should also work out more often and lose weight to ensure you are living the healthiest lifestyle you can.

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