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Did you Know Snoring is the Third Leading Cause of Divorce in the United States?

Did you Know Snoring is the Third Leading Cause of Divorce in the United States?


As soon as the word divorce is mentioned about a relationship, the first few reasons that come to mind are infidelity, different expectations regarding where the relationship was supposed to go and even marrying too young. One factor that is often neglected, ignored or forgotten as a major cause of divorce in the United States is snoring. As crazy as that may seem, snoring is something that affects millions of people around the world and when ignored by your spouse or significant other, can lead to resentment and anger and eventually divorce.

Snoring is the leading medical reason for divorce among Americans and third leading cause, trailing only infidelity and financial problems. There have been some scientific studies that have looked at sleep apnea and snoring and the actual affect that it has on a marriage. The Rush Medical Center has started to conduct various tests as to whether the curing of snoring in a relationship can help to prevent divorce from occurring.

With snoring being a problem for millions of people around the world, how can you ensure that your relationship doesn’t end up as another statistic in this area?

Sleeping in the Same Bed

The facts are simple when it comes to this. In a relationship where couples deal with sleep apnea, their likelihood of getting a divorce is much higher than those relationships where neither partner snores. Arguing because of snoring is something that affects more than half if the couple around the world. Studies in the United Kingdom have found that nearly 90 percent – 89 to be exact – of couples where snoring is an issue sleep in a different room. This is a problem in itself as people forget that sleeping in the same bed isn’t about intercourse, it is also about connecting with your spouse in a way that is impossible to get through any other method.

It’s these 15 to 30 minute sessions either in the morning before getting ready for work or when you go to sleep and begin to wind down before falling asleep that can help your relationship become more intimate. It’s these conversations that bring about more comfort for those in a relationship. It is also important to the physical aspect of a relationship. Aside from having sex, sleeping in the same bed allows you the chance to hug and kiss your spouse or simply even touching their arm or back in the middle of the night. When snoring leads you to sleep in different beds, you will immediately be losing out of this aspect of your relationship, which will only harm your relationship.

Of course, there are contrary opinions to this, especially from experts in the United Kingdom. The theory that getting sleep in your own bed or bedroom will help improve the relationship between a couple is thrown around often. While sleeping in your own bedroom can help to prevent any issues in terms of losing sleep over snoring, you are losing out on the intimacy of sleeping with your loved one. The basic idea about this method of sleeping is that resentment won’t be able to be formed in a relationship when you don’t have to sleep through snoring. It’s hard to argue against either method, but it comes down to your comfort in whatever situation you are in.

Avoid Confrontation

For starters, the person that is losing sleep because their spouse is a snorer should understand first and foremost that their spouse isn’t choosing to snore. It is something that is affecting them because of hereditary or lifestyle causes, or a combination of the two. With that said, the absolute worst way to approach your spouse about their snoring in the middle of the night is in a confrontational tone. The last thing you are thinking about while your spouse is snoring loudly is not yelling at them or waking them up in an angry manner, but think of the consequences. When you wake your spouse from their slumber by yelling at them, the common response from the snorer is usually something like “I can’t help it.” This is usually said while they angrily leave the bedroom. This was an unnecessary way of approaching your spouse. Instead, wait until the next morning when you aren’t as angry and bring up their snoring, as well as a couple of methods in which they can work to correct the situation.

But it’s Keeping me From Getting My Sleep

This is a common statement made from those that lose sleep because of their spouse. While the snorer in the relationship is getting their full 8-to-10 hours of sleep each night, the person listening to their noise will be lucky to get half that amount. It is this lack of sleep that often leads to the anger buildup and if you don’t know how to approach that anger the right way, it could lead to big blow-up fight and make keeping your relationship healthy a nearly impossible thing to do.

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