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Examining the Best Stop Snoring Tools

Examining the Best Stop Snoring Tools

blue_bed_woman_sleeping-300x213In the never-ending fight against snoring, those who suffer have numerous options for products they can use that are meant to help improve their lives. For some people, using a product like an anti-snoring pillow, nasal strips or mouthpieces helps to alleviate the issue and eliminate their problem. For others, the use of stop-snoring nasal sprays has been a needed tool to make the sleeping habits of their bedmates easier. No matter what tools you decide to use, what are the benefits of each?

Chin Up Strips

Chin up strips work extremely well for those snorers that are considered open mouth and tongue snorers. If you don’t know what kind of snorer you are to begin with, take the Snoring Test found within this website. That will tell you what kind of snorer you are and point you in the correct direction for treatment options. Chin up strips are self-adhesive pieces that prevent your mouth from opening while you sleep. These strips work well for those that are using CPAP machines. They allow you to keep your mouth from getting dry, prevents leaks and prevents sore throats. The chin up strips work best when applied to your face 20 minutes before going to bed and are meant to begin working on the first night of use.

Anti-Snore Ring

The Anti-Snore Ring is something you can use to eliminate snoring from the equation without using any drugs. The ring works by using drug free acupuncture and is known to work for all types of snorers. This ring is one of the highest selling stop snoring solutions around the world, having sold more than a quarter million products. The ring uses the basic principles found in acupuncture by stimulating a major point on the pinky finger of your left hand. It can be adjusted to fit any finger size and is constructed of sterling silver. It is recommended to be out on your finger 30 minutes before going to bed and should not be worn for more than 12 hours at a time.

Stop Snoring Pillow

The stop snoring pillow is something the works for all type of snorers. When you sleep with a regular pillow, you don’t get enough support for your throat. By using this pillow, it prevents your body from folding at the diaphragm, which is a major cause of snoring for many of the millions of snorers around the world. The pillow keeps your head raised while you sleep, which eliminates any pressure from being put on your soft palette, sinus and throat. If you are a person that snores often and sleeps on their back, that may be the reason why. When your tongue becomes relaxed in your mouth, it will fall back in your throat and obstruct the normal air flow. Since this item has a 40 degree angle and anti-snore curve, the normal snoring causes are removed.

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

This is another solution for those that are open mouth and tongue snorers. It is made of high tech medical silicone and comes with a germ free handle. This mouthpiece is also known as a mandibular advancement device and works by keeping your lower jaw in place while keeping your tongue forward. This allows for more space in your mouth for proper breathing. This is a device that can also be used by anyone that has uneven teeth or gum disease and can also be used a solution for those that grind their teeth at night.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are meant to be used by those that snore because of problems in their nasal passages. These strips can alleviate the congestion that built up over time in your body. Nasal strips are self-adhesive and are meant to be put on your nose so your nostrils stay open at night. The technical term for this process is nasal dilation and has a proven track record that has worked for years.


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