False Memories Could Hatch from Lack of Sleep

False Memories Could Hatch from Lack of Sleep

lack-of-sleepIf the previous information about lack of sleep didn’t scare men and women around the world enough, the latest discovery about the matter could be even more problematic. Not only can sleep loss cause dangerous situations while driving or while at work, the latest information about sleep loss can lead to some mental issues. Studies suggest that lack of sleep can lead to a higher likelihood of developing false memories. Psychologists disclosed that there is enough information out that makes them feel that anything less than eight hours of sleep per night cam harm thinking skills. The one thing that psychologists aren’t as sure on is whether lack of sleep could also affect the way we remember things.

Steven Frenda from the University of California said that “Recent studies are suggesting that people are getting fewer hours of sleep on average, and chronic sleep deprivation is on the rise.” Frenda, who is a psychological scientist added that, “Over the years I noticed that whenever I had a bad night’s sleep, my perception and memory seemed to get fuzzy until I had a

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good recovery sleep.”

The Repercussions

If lack of quality sleep for eight hours a night can lead to false memories, one thing that should immediately come to mind of our younger readers is what does that mean when it comes to pulling all nighters for school. The researchers decided that this was something that they needed to look at, and the way they went about it was showing images of a crime occurring and then told a different story than the one they would see in the images.

One example researchers used on the matter was images of a

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robbery taking place where it was shown that the robber stole a wallet and stuck it in their jacket pocket, while the written explanation of the crime said that they wallet was put in their pants pocket instead. There was false evidence mentioned throughout the explanations and the test subjects were then questioned about what they saw.

There were more than 100 students taking part in the study and these students were broken up into four groups. As soon as two of the groups arrived at the testing venue, the participants

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were shown a series of photos. One of the groups shown the images was given the opportunity to fall asleep through the night, while the other group was kept awake in the laboratory throughout the rest of the night.

The other two groups had the same tests performed, but in an opposite order. One group was kept awake all night, while the other was allowed to sleep through the night. In the morning, both groups were shown the crime photos.

The Results

When researchers examined the results of their study, they found that the students that were deprived of their sleep for most of the experiment were likelier to give false information when questioned later on. These students often remembered what they were told was the crime instead of the images that showed the opposite. The results also showed that the students who examined the visuals of the crime before being kept awake through the night were not more likely to experience the false memories than those students that were allowed to sleep.

Frenda said, “Our findings have implications for the reliability of eyewitnesses who may have experienced long periods of restricted or deprived sleep.”

Frenda wasn’t completely sold on the findings, as he admitted that more research was necessary to see the correlation between lack of sleep and false memories. When this research is completed and results are appreciated and respected with 100 percent accuracy, it is the hope of the scientists involved in the study that they will be able to better coach and instruct various law enforcement agencies with “evidence-based” guidelines that will

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allow them to ensure and guarantee that the memories of their witnesses are completely accurate.

When this occurs, it will be another step in the right direction for law enforcement personnel to ensure that they are getting all the correct information needed to complete their investigation.

What It Means to Me

As we started to touch on earlier in this post, this news can have serious complications for some. When a student pulls an all-nighter in preparation for a big test, you may think that you’re preparing yourself to succeed. In fact, when you look at the information in this study, it turns out that you can

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possibly mix up information that is accurate

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with something you hear on the radio or online, and when it comes to taking a test, this could lead to

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a major issue with passing. Basically, what this means is pulling an all-nighter could still work, just so long that you don’t have

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any other distractions.

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541480_10151782779092178_1954746168_nHobson Lopes is a 2012 graduate of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn. He is a professional writer and author of a cookbook for men called Men Cook Too. He is also the owner of The First Pitch and can be followed on Twitter.


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