Laziness and Sleep Disorders Negatively Affect Health

Laziness and Sleep Disorders Negatively Affect Health

avoid-laziness-workPhysical inactivity could actually be just as disastrous for your health as smoking is. Additionally, when not treated, sleep disorders can wreak havoc on your body. cell spy This information stems from a study on Koreans. In fact, the study states that laziness, or physical inactivity, as well as too much or too little sleep is the biggest threat to the overall health of Koreans- not smoking, lack of exercise, and excessive drinking as once was assumed.

A research staff at the Graduate School of Public Health at the Seoul National University, led by Park So-Hyun, stated these findings in her paper, titled: “Analysis on Koreans’ Health Risk Behavior Using Association Rules,” and was based on national nutrition and health data survey conducted between 2007 to 2009.

This cell phone spy app analysis took risk factors and classified them into seven types, putting “physical inactivity” as the number one factor when it comes to health risk. According to the findings of this survey, around 74.6 percent of the 14,833 adults responding to the survey admitted to being physically inactive- or just plain lazy.

Physical order essay online activity is described as someone who participates in at least 30 minutes of mild exercise for more than five times per week- or someone who participates in more than 20 minutes of strenuous exercise for more than three times per week.

The second biggest threat to the spy phone tracker app health of Koreans is sleeping too much or too little- both of which are considered to be sleep disorders. The ratio of those admitting to sleeping fewer than seven hours per night and those who admitted to sleeping more than 8 hours per night was 49.1 percent.

Finally, the last four threats to the health of Koreans were as follows:

  • having a body weight that is out of normal range (over or underweight) 36.6 percent
  • smoking 20.2 percent
  • skipping breakfast 15.6 percent
  • drinking excessively 7.6 percent
  • frequently snacking 6.8 percent

Other Findings

Additionally, this survey revealed that nearly seven out of every ten Koreans- which is around 69.8 percent-actually practice more than two essay writing exercises for beginners of these risk factors in conjunction with each other. The percentage of those claiming to participate in none of these risk factors was 5 percent.

When it comes to being aware of signals for health risks, it seems that women are much more sensitive than men are. This was shown in the fact that 24.7 percent of the female respondents admitted that their health was not very good- while only 16.3 percent of men would admit that theirs was less than par.

The disease that appeared to be most common across the board- male

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and female respondents- were cardiovascular conditions. These include: cardiac infarction, angina, and hypertension. Around 28.7 percent of men and 22.7 percent of women are diagnosed with these conditions.

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Finally, the study showed that these risk factors for health were actually mutually reinforcing. For instance, around 55.14 percent of women who admitted to being physically inactive as well as smoking also admitted to getting too much or too little sleep. On the other hand, around 66.84 percent of men who drank in excess and

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skipped breakfast were also smokers.

How to Fix This

However, even science help online worksheet 2-5a scientific notation with the results of this study seemingly grim, it is possible for you to turn things around. There are ways that you can get the appropriate amount of sleep, and there are ways that you can be physically active.

For becoming physically active, consider activities such as going for a walk or a jog in the evening. This will get your heart rate up and help you to increase your overall health. If you’re overweight, this can help you to quickly and easily shed pounds. Also, by getting your heart rate up, you’re increasing the blood flow and oxygen in your body, which is a big factor in overall health.

When it comes to getting the proper amount of sleep, simply consider taking the following advice:

  • Create a bedtime schedule: Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every morning. This will get your phone spy for iphone body used to sleeping the appropriate amount- you’ll automatically know when it is bedtime and when it is time to wake up.
  • Reduce caffeine, nicotine, sugar, and alcohol in your diet: Caffeine and sugar stimulate you and keep you awake at night. Nicotine works in basically the same way- it keeps you awake. Alcohol can cause disturbances in your sleep and cause you to wake up multiple times each night.
  • Exercise during the daytime: not only show you exercise during the day, but you should do so as often as possible. Exercise helps to relieve stress, eliminate health problems, and keep you feeling great. However, don’t exercise close to bedtime or it will keep you awake.
  • Avoid consuming heavy meals close to bedtime: it’s okay to have a light snack. When you eat a heavy meal, you may have trouble falling asleep and also may wake up during the night with a stomach ache.
  • Make sure to keep your room peaceful and quiet- and resume writing services brisbane australia only use your bed for making love and sleeping. Also, turn off the television and the lights so that you can sleep in the dark. research paper writers in india

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