Stop Snoring Nose Cone
Stop Snoring Nose ConeStop Snoring Nose ConeAnti Snore Nose Cone

Stop Snoring Tubes

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Improves air circulation in your nasal passages by keeping your airways open when you sleep

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Product Description

Good for: Nose Snorers

If you take the online snoring test and it tells you that you are a nose snorer, meaning you snore because of a blockage in your nasal passage,  one product available right now that might help you reduce or eliminate snoring from your life is the Anti-Snore Tubes.

Product Features:

  • Aids in snoring and sleep apnea
  • Reduces dry mouth
  • Improves airflow through better design and conical shape
  • Hypoallergenic material/Latex free
  • Comfortable, non-intrusive and works better than nasal spray
  • Recommended by doctors
  • Cost effective. 2 pieces in one package. You can use them for years!

What is Anti Snore Tubes?

Anyone that has allergies, the simple cold or flu or even a bad diet can get congested in their nasal passages. Over time, the more you use medications and nasal sprays to fight these ailments the more your body becomes immune to the medication and these blockages become more severe. With your nasal passage blocked, your body begins to tell your mouth to breathe more which essentially creates a vacuum inside your throat that will bring together the floppy tissues of your throat which leads to snoring.

Anti snore tubes are meant to improve the circulation in your nasal passages by keeping your  airways open when you sleep and allowing for unrestricted proper nose breathing, which in turn eliminates or decreases snoring. It is comfortable and easy to get used to solution and you can use the snore tubes for years.

Why use this product over others?

Nasal hair is meant for our protection and to keep the foreign particles from entering the lungs. The design for the Anti -Snoring Tubes has little openings on the sides where nose hairs would enter and filter the air in a natural way. Other nasal dilators differ in design and can interfere with the nasal hair’s natural function.

Other benefits

The Anti-Snore Tubes also prevents your mouth from getting dry, reducing your need to get up for water at night and providing and more peaceful sleep. In addition, it is a healthier alternative to over the counter nasal spray.

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3 reviews for Stop Snoring Tubes

  1. 5 out of 5


    I am sleeping better! I’ve used this product maybe for a month now and i find it actually unpluggs my nose and helps me breathe better. I stopped using nasal spray, which was always a must for me especially during the allergy season. I use this now on most nights and my partner sais I snore less and only breathe heavily, which is fine for both of us. Good product!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Something to it! The snore clip has an interesting design, which initially caught my eye. I use it all the time now, it falls out sometimes, so not very happy with that, but it works more or less. I actually sleep better with it and feel less stuffy. There is definitely something to it!

  3. 5 out of 5


    I cannot recommend this product highly enough – I feel refreshed and invigorated, rather than irritable, tired and lethargic all the time – this must be what life is like all the time for non-snorers!

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