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Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

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Generates white noise or fan sounds to create a sleeping environment.

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Product Description

Good for: Snorer’s spouse/Light sleeper/Household with a baby

Product Features:

  • 10 non repeating unique fan sounds
  • 10 non repeating unique white noise sounds
  • Adjustable volume and 60 minute sleep timer
  • Small transportable size, powered using USB
  • Wall adapter included
  • Multi-band parametric EQ speaker compensation

What is LectroFan?

LectroFan’s compact size makes it perfect for a household with a snorer, baby nurseries, day care centers, college dorms, apartments – or any sleep environment where unwanted, disturbing, or intrusive noises are a problem. The LectroFan has two ways to eliminate unwanted noises, either fan sounds or white noise sounds. Each has 10 non repeating unique sound variations. Use it in your office or bedroom, or take it with you on your travels.
The LectroFan uses a USB cord for power so it can be plugged into most computers if you’re on the go. Unlike other sound machines, LectroFan’s sounds are dynamically generated, they never repeat. Which means your, your spouse’s or your baby’s sleep wont be disturbed by the looping of short recordings which makes it one of the best sound therapy products on the market. In addition it has a multi-level volume control so you can adjust to any environment.

Use LectroFan to:

  • Block out noisy neighbours
  • Drown out your partner’s snoring
  • Reduce tinnitus ringing or hissing
  • Sound proof a room for studying or reading
  • Sleep easier during the day
  • Keep conversations confidential at work or home

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4 reviews for Fan Sound and White Noise Machine

  1. 4 out of 5


    Its kind of expensive but worth it! I have a snoring husband that roars like a friggin bear! We use LectroFan and now I sleep much better. Also i often like to take naps during the day, and in a household with 4 small children it is often impossible, unless i shut the door and turn on my LectroFan. Recommend this product!

  2. 4 out of 5


    Great! This is an excellent product for drowning out noises with the variable sound volume which can be moderated. I recommend it.

  3. 5 out of 5


    The unit is amazingly small and takes up very little space on my bedside table. Despite its size, the speaker can really put out the sound! Initially, I wasn’t sure of the sound selections. I had to go through them a couple of times before I selected one to try overnight. I prefer a deeper tone fan sound, which I did eventually find. I have changed the sound a bit from the initial setting finding that a slightly higher pitch was useful for drowning out a humidifier in our room. So far, I have not noticed any looping of the sound which is a huge bonus for me.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Works just great. I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend this unit to family or friends who experience insomnia or who just like having some background noise help them fall asleep.

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