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Anti Snore Tshirt

4.5 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings
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A “snore no more” trick that helped thousands!

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Product Description

Good for: Sleep Position Snorers

People all over the world say they have used this “snore no more” trick effectively to help them stop snoring and sleep better!  Enjoy the many benefits of side-sleeping and get the rest you deserve! 

Product Features:

  • Made with natural hypo allergenic fabrics
  • Effective solution and great value for the money
  • Keeps you on your side all night

What is it?

This product came about from an old stop snoring method used for generations: the good old “Tennis Ball in a T Shirt trick.  It’s simple: a tennis ball on the back of a t-shirt prevents you from sleeping on your back, and in many people that prevents snoring, because often snoring is at its worst when the snorer sleeps on the back. Many relieved spouses swear by this trick. You can even do this yourself! If not, you can always try our product!

How does it work?

Side sleeping counteracts gravity and prevents your airway from collapsing. The Anti Snore Tennis Ball T-shirt will keep you comfortably sleeping on your side – guaranteed, you will not be able to turn around! Simple solution for a complex problem!

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2 reviews for Anti Snore Tshirt

  1. 4 out of 5


    The good ol’ trick works! This t-shirt is very simple and at first you think you can just do this yourself at home, and you probably can if you are handy! I am not, so I bought this product and got my husband to wear it as a joke. He actually didn’t snore, because he wouldn’t turn to his usual back sleeping position. So now we use it and it works for us!

  2. 5 out of 5


    It’s hilarious, but works! Tennis ball is put inside this pocket while sleeping which prevent a person to sleep on his back. This just automatically stopped my snoring as I wouldn’t be able to sleep in the snoring posture.

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