Sleep Apnea Linked To Lower Aerobic Fitness

Sleep Apnea Linked To Lower Aerobic Fitness

stop-snoring-aids.jpeg.pagespeed.ce.kI_ewhR30rA new study published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has established that apnea has a direct effect to an individual’s level of aerobic fitness.

The report which was published in November 15th 2013 involved comparing test results from 15 adults who suffered from apnea with 19 adults who had mild or no apnea. The two groups of individuals were placed under similar conditions and their results analyzed in a test known as VO2 max.

During the research period, the two groups pedaled a unique still bicycle with increasing levels of resistance. They did this until they all got exhausted. The aim of this experiment was to identify the amount of oxygen that a person can take in during extreme exercise. The results of the VO2 max test can be useful in detecting patients who are at high risk of heart diseases and stroke and putting measures to reduce the escalation.

The results of these activities revealed that on average, people with the apnea condition scored 14% lower than those who had no apnea.

There are a number of key factors that contribute to this situation. One, weight is a major issue with most cell phone spy app people who suffer from sleep apnea being obese because of lack of exercise. The researchers also established that among the two groups, people with sleep apnea showed signs of poor aerobic fitness.

According to Dr. Jeremy Beitler, while patients should be encouraged to exercise more, more should be done because sleep apnea affects serious structural changes in the body muscles. These significant structural changes have a direct effect to their exercising ability.

Dr. Jeremy who was the chief researcher in the November 15 publication has many years’ experience in the field of pulmonary and critical care medicine. He has researched and published many papers on these topics.

The significance of this study to the health professionals is very significant since the level of aerobic fitness of a person has a direct impact on his health.

Researchers from all over the world have correlated good health with exercise and aerobic fitness. Exercise is very important in breaking down fat and cholesterol and thus reducing risks of obesity.

Other studies

This is buy thesis online not the first time that a report identifying some serious consequences of sleep apnea is being released.

A new research study by a team of Mexican researchers found that people with sleep apnea were at a high risk of getting diabetes. The researchers were led by Dr. Rossana Huerta Albaran who works for the National Autonomous University in Mexico.

According to the study, sleep apnea is not only responsible for diabetes but also for other conditions such as increase in cholesterol. Cholesterol is synonymous with multiple body conditions such as heart failure and obesity.

According to the study by Dr. Rossana, people with sleep apnea sleep for few hours which affects their brain power as well as their level of activeness.

What is sleep apnea?

For starters, sleep apnea is a serious condition that is often ignored. Sleep apnea free cell phone sms spy software download is a condition that affects the way an individual breathe when they are asleep. When sleeping, their breathing is interrupted for about 10 seconds becoming very shallow. This process can go on for more than 100 times in a single night. Heavy snoring is the main symptom of the condition. Other symptoms are: having a heavy headache in the morning, spy on other phone text messages memory problems, dry mouth and feeling depressed.

There are 3 main types of sleep apnea. These are obstructive, central and complex sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway is blocked by the relaxation of the soft tissue in the back of the throat. On the other hand, the central sleep apnea involves the central

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nervous system (CNS). The complex sleep apnea is a combination of the obstructive and the obstructive sleep apnea.

Researchers have identified a number of key risk factors for obstructive sleep apnea. First, men are more likely to get the condition than women. Secondly, smokers are at a high risk of the disease than people who don’t smoke. Overweight people are also at risk of contracting the disease than people who are not overweight. Other risk factors are: people with a thick neck, black and Hispanic people as well as heredity of the person.

According to the report published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, people should start taking sleep apnea seriously by contacting a qualified doctor for tests and free sms phone spy analysis.

The report also recommends a number of key remedies to reduce chances of the condition. Some of the main remedies are: exercising, quitting smoking, alcohol and sleeping pills, sleeping for the right number of hours as well as avoiding caffeine. People who snore are also advised to contact a qualified doctor for assessment and examination which will prevent further health risks.

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