Sleeping Disorders Could Be Early Sign of Parkinson’s Disease

Sleeping Disorders Could Be Early Sign of Parkinson’s Disease


For the millions of men and women that have been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder, the last thing you would want to hear is that it could be a pre-cursor to other conditions. There are some health conditions that are well-known as possible problems for those that are affected by sleeping disorders, but a recent study conducted in India found that sleeping disorders could be the early sign in the development of Parkinson’s disease.

More than 30 percent of those who

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from sleeping disorders will at one point develop Parkinson’s disease. When you are diagnosed early on with the debilitating disease, you have a better chance of addressing the disease.

The Study

The research from this study was conducted by a team from the Institute of Neurosciences Kolkata. The study involved 100 patients with Parkinson’s disease in Kolkata and the plan in the future is to follow an additional 100 patients to check for any early signs or hints that they may be developing the condition.

During the study, researchers found numerous illnesses and conditions that are indicative of

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Parkinson’s Disease including dementia, loss of memory, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, sleeping disorders, dry mouth, excess salivation and sleeping difficulties.

Researchers found that the non-motor symptoms like sleeping disorders could begin to occur eight years before Parkinson’s Disease sets in. They also found that those who suffer from Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behavior Disorder, or RBD, were more at risk to develop the disease.

The researchers from the study feel that elderly patients, when screened regularly, could have their Parkinson’s Disease controlled.

More About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a condition that affects the nervous system in the body and disrupts your ability to move. It doesn’t immediately take away your ability to walk and do basic functions, but it does gradually come on, beginning with a hand tremor that is barely noticeable by those around you.

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Tremors are the most known symptoms of the condition, but it has also been known to cause stiffness and the slowing of movement.

When you are in the early stages of the condition, your face may begin to show no expression or your arms may even begin to not swing while walking. You will begin to look stiff while walking when this occurs and with time, these symptoms become worse and make easy activities impossible to complete. The condition is one that can’t cure your body of the condition, but it can help to improve your symptoms.

There are other early symptoms in addition to tremors that could let you know there is a problem. These symptoms include:

  • Rigid Muscles

Much like when your arms begin to not swing while walking, rigid muscles can be problematic for you because of the extent in which your range of motion is limited and the amount of pain you will be forced to endure.

  • Slowed Movements

Also known as bradykinesia, this is one of the biggest long-term issues for those affected by the disease. Over time, your most basic movements like walking will become difficult to do and you may also notice you are dragging your feet more when you walk, which makes it even harder to do.

  • Speech Changes

When you have Parkinson’s Disease, your speech may become quiet and soft, or your words may begin to slur. You may also find yourself hesitating when putting together sentences and your speech may even begin to sound more monotone than anything else. You may be able to work on your speech patterns with a pathologist, but that is not a given.

  • Writing Changes
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For those men and women that take pride in their writing, this is one of the worst symptoms that could affect your body. When Parkinson’s Disease begins to affect your writing, your word may begin to get smaller and become difficult to put together sentences.

Causes and Risk Factors of Parkinson’s Disease

The actual cause of the disease is unknown despite the many years of research that has been conducted. There are numerous factors that are considered possible factors including your genes and environmental triggers.

Your risk factors at developing the disease include:

  • Age

This is a condition that is more likely to affect older men than younger patients. It would normally begin during your middle years and the risk continues to grow over time. The most common point in your life that you may develop the condition is when you reach 60.

  • Heredity

If you have a family member that has been diagnosed with the disease, your chances of getting it increase too, but only if it is a close family member.

  • Sex

While women have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in the past, it

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is more likely to affect men.

  • Toxin Exposure

If you work often with pesticides and herbicides, you are at an elevated risk to develop the disease.

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541480_10151782779092178_1954746168_nHobson Lopes is a 2012 graduate of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Conn. He is a professional writer who will be releasing a cookbook in January 2014 called Men Cook Too. He is also the owner of The First Pitch and can be followed on Twitter.



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