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Snoring and Sleeping Positions

snoring (1)One of the biggest problems within a relationship could be the loud sound coming from within your bed partner’s body at night. These sounds, more commonly known as snoring, can cause you to lose sleep, cause frictions within the relationship and lead to other complications. Depending on how you sleep, you are more or less likely to snore. It is a common known fact that if you sleep on your back, you are more likely to snore than you would if you slept on your side. So what can you do to help prevent snoring from whatever your favourite position is?

I sleep on my back

While this is one of the best positions for a person to sleep when it comes to their health, it does not have the same effect for snoring. You may be able to prevent back or neck pain and reduce the chances of wrinkles by sleeping on your back, you are making it easier for snoring to occur within your body.

If you sleep on your back and you have problems in your nasal passage and airway, you are going to keep your family up at night. What happens when you sleep on your back is your tongue becomes relaxed and collapses to the back end of your throat, which creates a blockage in your airway. This blockage then causes a vibration when the air attempts to get pushed through it which creates the snoring sound. The more air that is being pushed through the airway, the louder the sound will be.

There are numerous products available to back sleepers that can help limit the negative effects of snoring.  One of the most popular is the anti-snoring pillow. How the anti-snoring pillow works is simple. It allows you to sleep in a comfortable position that also limits the chances of getting neck and back pain. What it does to help your snoring is it keeps your head raised and reduces the pressure on your soft palette, sinus, and throat. With a regular pillow, your body folds at the diaphragm, which puts pressure on your sinus, soft palette, and throat, which makes it more difficult for you to breathe and in turn, plays part in causing snoring.

I sleep on my side

For some, it simply isn’t comfortable to sleep on their back so if you are one of those people it is likely that you’re sleeping on your side. While snoring is more common from those who sleep on their back, it is possible to hear these pesky sounds at night from side sleepers.

The biggest difference within your body from back and side sleepers is your tongue. When you sleep on your side, your tongue will still become relaxed and drop, but because of your body position it won’t fall back to your throat and block your airway. However blockages that have developed over time can still impact you when sleeping on your side.

If you are a side sleeping snorer, among the most effective way to fix your snoring would be the jaw strap. Since about 85 percent of snorers have their mouth open at night, this strap is meant to fix that problem. It helps keep your jaw and mouth closed by having its elastic strap wrap around your head throughout the night. It may not be the most comfortable thing to wear at night, but it gets the probelm solved.

I snore no matter what position I sleep in

It could be because of weight. One of the biggest factors that causes people around the world to snore no matter what position they sleep in is weight. The more overweight you are, the likelier it is that you will snore. A report from the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association reported that the louder an individual snores, the more likely they will be overweight. They also reported that regular overweight snorers are more likely to develop other tragic and potentially fatal problems like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, stroke, and heart disease than occasional snorers.

It could be because of alcohol. Another factor that could be affecting you and aggravating your snoring is alcohol. If you are snoring loudly, a big factor could be the amount of alcohol you drink throughout the day and more importantly, if you drink right before going to bed. Since alcohol is a sedative, it is relaxing all the muscles in your throat and mouth. By relaxing these muscles, you are also weakening them which allow them to become blocked easier. If you want to have a positive impact on your sleeping habits and allow for your bed partner to sleep easier, you should avoid alcohol hours before you go to bed.

It could be because of smoking. Smoking is another substance that has a negative effect on your body and your ability to sleep without snoring. This also relaxes the muscles in your throat and the only way to correct those effects is to quit smoking. Over time, your muscles will regain strength back, although they may not ever get back to where they were originally, it will be better off for your snoring and overall health.

Solutions for any position sleeper

It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your back or your side, there are various solutions that are meant to fix any problem. If your snoring comes from your nose, if you try a product that keeps your nasal passages open, it could fix the problem. Among the top products you can try for this would be the basic nasal strips. These strips relieve the congestion in your nasal passage, which prevents blockages from occurring and those loud and noisy sounds from being created.

Another solution would be an anti-snore nose clip. This magnetic nose clip helps your breathe freely through your nose again by improving the circulation within your nasal passageways. It doesn’t matter if the blockages in your nasal passages are caused from the flu, allergies, or diet, this nose clip will help get the air circulating properly. As you get older, your body becomes immune to nasal sprays and other medications meant to clear the blockage. By using the nose clip, you are getting another chance to clear the blockage again.

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