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Snoring and Weight Issues

overweightpersonResearch shows that there is a strong correlation between snoring and being overweight or obese! While being slightly over the limit when it comes to weight is not something to worry about, it is most definitely a problem if you are well above normal overweight or obese. Not only are you in a risk group for many diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and heart related problems, which you probably already know, your snoring is most likely caused by your weight issues and if you were to lose weight, your snoring would likely lessen or disappear altogether.  To be more specific, weight usually is an issue in snoring if you have a double chin or carry extra weight around the neck region.

How is Weight and Snoring Related?

Snoring happens when the airway passage is obstructed, which almost always happens when you sleep on your back and have a double chin. The fatty tissue on the neck is pressing down on the throat making it difficult for the air to freely enter and exit and creating a vibrating noise as a result.

Needless to say, there are many benefits in losing weight. However if you are overweight or obese and you snore, you are risking to  eventually develop a dangerous condition called sleep apnea, which is a much more serious kind of health concern. Moreover, it is no secret that snoring is disturbing to your loved ones who sleep with you  and is often a reason for divorce and break ups. While snoring may seem like not a serious enough issue to worry about, it is most definitely a health hazard and a matter that needs to be paid attention to because snoring is preventing you from having a good sleep quality, causing you feeling tired and having low energy and leading to poor life quality.

How to fix the problem?

Number one step should be losing weight. Yes it is not easy and  requires willpower and complete lifestyle change for many. It is also essential to lose weight in a normal healthy way and not revert to starvation and diet pills. Losing weight is half the battle, the key is maintaining it and finding that new lifestyle that fits you and that you can keep. You can start with developing new healthy habits such as following a good diet and increasing your activity levels.  There is no such thing as an easy to way to lose weight, but with the proper attitude and motivation  you can do it! While weight loss is a slow step by step process that requires patience and a  plan, in the meantime you can begin by following the steps below on how to improve your snoring:

Exercise, exercise, exercise!  Walk, run, play occasional sports, get a gym membership, take stairs – start by adding small changes to your daily life and simply try to sit less and be more active.

Exercise your neck and throat muscles–  yes that’s right! These are the  muscles that are responsible for proper breathing and toning them can greatly improve their function. Did you know that singers rarely snore? Sing out loud when nobody is home. Another exercise is pronouncing vowels and opening the mouth wide. This contracts the muscles and helps to tone them.

Find a snoring aid for you! Look for products that prevent you from sleeping on your back, as that is the sleeping position that enhances snoring.

Take a snoring quiz! You may be surprised to find out what exactly is the cause of your snoring. Sometimes it can be caused by multiple factors, such as sleep apnea, nasal allergies and deformities, alcohol and smoking.

Once again, it is very important to figure out the proper cause of your snoring. In some cases for example, snoring can be taking place due to a nasal issue, and in such a case you may need to use nasal sprays or nose clips and that alone would solve your problem.  So go ahead, do your research and find out the right cause.  And remember to address your weight problem regardless as you know that your life will be much better overall! You will have more energy, you will sleep better, you will feel better about yourself and you may just discover that being active is way more fun!