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Snoring and Mouth Breathing

Stop_SnoringThose loud sounds you heard as a child coming from your parent’s bedroom that would often startle you is something that is likely affecting you as an adult. Whether your snoring has a higher decibel level like a chainsaw or a lower decibel level like a treadmill, snoring is something that affects tens of millions of people around the world. Anyone from an infant to and elderly person can snore and these noises can often leave your family awake as you sleep peacefully.

There are many factors that can impact whether you snore or not including any medications you take, the position you sleep in, and how you breathe. When it comes to mouth breathing, there is a higher likelihood of snoring if this is how you breathe at night. In fact this is one of the more popular reasons for snoring!

So what can you do if mouth breathing is causing your snoring?

Mouth breathing on its own is simply the state of inhaling and exhaling of air through your mouth. For those that have had nose problems in the past, this is something that you are forced to do because of a nasal deformity. When healthy, most people breathe through their nose while sleeping or completing any activities, but with a blockage in the nasal passage, the air is all pushed to the mouth.

What is snoring?

When a person snores, the sound you hear comes from the air being pushed within your body out through the nose and mouth. The sound is created by the air being pushed through a smaller passageway. The more air that is being pushed through your airway at that given time will alter how loud the noise is. This is something that can happen to anyone at any time in their life, but it isn’t something that can’t be changed. You have options.

Can I train myself to breathe through nose?

This is a question that many mouth breathers ask, especially after being confronted by their family members about their loud snoring habits.

Seeing a doctor. The first thing you should do at this point would be to see a doctor and have them examine your sinuses. There could be a blockage there that is directing all the air to your nose, which could also have a blockage. These blockages are what create the loud vibrations that lead to the sounds of snoring you hear at night.

Seeing a therapist. Another thing you could do would be to see a therapist. There are different ways of training your body to breathe through the nose again. A therapist can help teach you proper breathing techniques that can help you fix your problems.

What does my jaw definition have to do with my snoring?

An often overlooked part of why people snore is the definition of their teeth and jaw. Depending on the spacing of the teeth and your jaw shape, a lot of information about an airway can be determined by your doctor. The best way to get oxygen throughout your body is through your nose and having an open upper airway. For those who can’t breathe through their nose for whatever reasons they have obstructive sleep apnea and snoring can occur.

What can my spouse do?

For many who are mouth breathers and snore because of it, the problem with sleeping isn’t one they would have. Instead, it would be their spouse and family members that are bothered at night. A UK study from the British Snoring and Sleep Apnea Association showed that bed partners of snorers get only between three and five hours of sleep per night! As many as a third of couple surveyed reported disharmony in their relationships because of snoring. For those bed partners having to listen to snoring, you are more likely to forget skills that you recently learned. If you are the bed partner of a snorer, instead of being angry at them, tell them about their snoring and ask them to get help. A doctor could help them determine the cause of their snoring and there are numerous products available that can help at home.

What products can help in this case?

Depending on why you were a mouth breather, over time, it is possible for the problem to correct itself. For those who suffered from severe allergies as an adolescent, you may have become a heavy mouth breather. As your body adjusts to its surroundings, these allergies could disappear and your body could revert to an equal mix of nose and mouth breathing.

However, if you aren’t so lucky to have your body correct the situation, there are numerous products available.

The thing about nasal strips is they work best for those that are snoring through their nose. That being said, they can also be used to help heal whatever problems you have in your nose that will allow you to breathe properly again. These strips relieve nasal congestion and other ailments from allergies and basic sinus problems, which will in turn make you healthier and reduce snoring.

If you are a mouth breather, this is one the ideal products to help your snoring. What this product does is keep your mouth shut and in place while you sleep, allowing you to breathe the right way. These strips also prevent you from grinding your teeth.

The jaw strap is another effective way to keep your jaw and mouth shut while sleeping. This will also encourage you to breathe through your mouth. Your mouth is kept shut because this strap goes around the back of your head and around your jaw. For those that have serious nasal blockages or other sinus problems, this product should be discussed with your doctor first to talk about any complications.

The stop snoring pillow is something that can help any kind of snorer. When you sleep on a regular pillow, your body folds at the diaphragm which affects your ability to breathe properly. This pillow is designed to raise your head. The advantage of this is by raising your head, you are alleviating all the pressure on your throat, soft palette, and sinuses

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