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Stop Snoring Chin Up Strips

Stop Snoring Chin Up Strips


Helps you breathe naturally through your nose and prevents snoring
Prevents mouth from falling open in your sleep
Prevents dry mouth and oral venting caused by CPAP
Made with hypoallergenic material
Proven effective in hospital studies

Good for: Mouth Snorers/Tongue Snorers

This product is meant for those that snore due to mouth open. Please take online snoring quiz to find out what kind of snorer are you. If you are a mouth or tongue snorer, you may very well benefit from using Stop Snoring Chin Up Strips

What is Stop Snoring Chin Up Strips?  This product works by keeping your mouth closed and preventing your lower jaw from opening at night. Thus your airways stay open as they should be and breathing happens through the nose eliminating snoring.

How do they work? The chin up strips have self-adhesive backings that stick to your face and prevent your mouth from opening while you sleep. The product is not right for nose snorers, however if you are mouth snorer than it is an idea tool in your fight against snoring.

Other benefits: Another issue that chin up strips can help with is a dry mouth. Dry mouth is an uncomfortable feeling that can develop while you sleep because of your snoring or even because of having an open mouth. This can lead to frequent waking up to get water and overall discomfort in your sleep.

The items have been used in dozens of sleep studies to check on their validity and they have been found to be one of the most effective options to cure snoring. The product is made with anti-allergenic materials to ensure that your skin won’t become irritated with constant use. It can be used on its own or in combination with other products such as mouth guards, jaw straps, CPAP machine and other over the counter or doctor prescribed medications when needed.

The strips are meant to be used just ones, so if they don’t stick to your face anymore just replace them, If you are careful with the placement and removal of the strips, you may be able to wear it more than just once. You can purchase multiple packages of strips at a time and get a better deal.


Customer Reviews
“Great help! I’ve been using these strips for a while now and I keep getting them all the time. I don’t snore all the time, but occasionally I do, when i sleep on my back, and since i started using them my husband stopped complaining.” Try it! Melanie W, United States

I think these chin up strips are brilliant. I have been with my partner nearly six years and before this product he has many a time ended up sleeping on the sofa because of my snoring (he usually gave up about 3 in the morning). Which made me feel as guilty as hell. We actually split up for a wee while because of it but got back together and that was when I had decided I had to do something about it. I got tested for sleep apnoa and thankfully I didnt have it. I tried all sorts of things – the nose strips, sprays etc and nothing seemed to help me. Desperate, I decided to give the chin up strips a go as a last resort. And they have been a god send. Although I am the first to say they aren’t the most attractive things to wear and it takes a few nights to get used to. It’s a small price to pay to wake up in the morning and find my partner sleeping beside me. Also it has helped get us closer as we both get a decent sleep which means I don’t feel guilty all the time.” M.C. Brown, UK