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Stop Snoring for Increased Sexual Excitement

Stop Snoring for Increased Sexual Excitement

loversIt is a widely known fact that snoring is something that causes problems in many relationships around the world. In the United States, snoring is the third leading cause of divorce and the leading health cause for ended marriages. In relationships where communication is a problem, this is especially the case. But for those couples that find a way to communicate about their problems, including snoring, there are still other issues that could arise. Among those issues for snoring couples is that your sexual satisfaction could be disrupted because of this act.

The Study

In a scary fact for many men, the Mayo Clinic found that snoring in men has been linked to a reduced sexual drive. Their study is the first of its kind to conclude that these two are correlated, so many might consider it a coincidence especially consider the study found no problems in the actual sexual function of men including ejaculation, libido and erection. Despite this, the biggest correlation didn’t involve the men, it involved their bedmates. When men snore, women become irritated and lose sleep, which causes a disruption in their sleeping patterns which in turn, reduces their sexual energy. When this happens, the actions and behaviors that excite women also bring on less satisfaction.

The study, conducted in Rochester, Minnesota, was done on men ranging in age from 51 to 90. It included more than 800 men that were in ongoing relationships who were asked to complete surveys about their sleep habits and sex lives. The surveys showed that the more the men snored, their sexual satisfaction dropped. When the study compared the numbers of snorers to non-snorers, it showed that heavy snorers had double the chance of reporting lower sexual excitement.

Health Issues that can Develop

When you snore, there is a possibility that it can lead to more serious health issues including stroke, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea and heart attack. The various health ailments that can arise from snoring have all been known to lead to reduced sexual energy which will play a large role in your sexual satisfaction and function.

Some of these conditions that develop because of snoring are chronic and can’t be corrected. When your body is attacked by these conditions, it also wreaks havoc on your sexual life by increasing the chances of developing erectile dysfunction as well as other sexual issues. The study showed that your sexual satisfaction was impacted, but sexual function wasn’t disrupted. Basically, the moral of story says that if you want to have great sex, quit snoring. Your bodily functions continue to work despite the snoring, but by aggravating your bed mate, you are reducing your sexual satisfaction.

The Facts

Snoring is something that affects millions of people around the world, both men and women, young and old. It is something that can be caused by numerous factors, but is seen more in men. What usually happens regardless of sex is the person being kept awake by the loud sounds will push the offender from their back to their side, which will eliminate the snoring. For many older individuals, snoring develops because their throat muscles had become weakened over time because of colds, flu, smoking, alcohol consumption and other factors. When a person sleeps on their back, these weakened muscles make it easier for snoring to develop.

If you are a snoring offender or are losing sleep because of it, there are many easy fixes you can try to correct the problem.

  • Change Sleeping Positions

When a person snores, they are usually sleeping on their back. What happens here is their tongue becomes relaxed and falls back into your throat, which creates an obstruction. This obstruction blocks the normal airflow in your body and creates a vibration, which leads to snoring.

  • Earplugs

This is an easy way to go about blocking your noise for your partner. One warning about these earplugs is that they should be used just once and they work so well, that you may not hear your alarm clock go off for work in the morning.

  • Lose Weight

One of the most common reasons why people who never snored before begin at a later time in their life is they gained weight. This is especially a problem when the weight gained is done around the neck. This puts pressure on your throat muscles and creates an obstruction.

  • Clear your Sinus Before Bed

When you have allergies or a cold, you become more likely to snore than ever before. When this is your cause of snoring, one easy way to remove this issue is to take a hot shower. This will loosen up the obstructions in your airways and make sleeping easier.

  • Cut out Alcohol Before Bed

For many people, sleeping after a night of drinking is usually easy to pull off. The only problem with this is when you drink before bed, it weakens your throat muscles. You should try to avoid drinking for four hours before bed.

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