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The Forgotten Problems of Snoring

The Forgotten Problems of Snoring

sleep-apnea-snoring1 (1)The loud noise that comes from within your body at night while sleeping is called snoring. The sound of snoring itself comes from the vibrations from the air being pushed through your nasal passage or airway that is being obstructed in some way. In serious cases, sleep apnea can occur, which with time, could lead to far more serious health risks like stroke, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. While these are the issues that some consider more serious, there are many forgotten problems that come with snoring. What are some of the worst and what can you do to fix the problem?

Relationship Issues

If your bedmate is a girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband, the lack of sleep they may experience because of your snoring could lead to problems in the relationship. This usually happens when your partner doesn’t talk to you about your snoring, but ultimately, when it does come out, it might be too late for the relationship. While this isn’t your immediate problem from snoring, the best way to go about this issue is to be forward with your partner. Let them know that you snored growing up and that if it happens again, to tell you. The only way you can correct the issue is to know about it.


This goes together with relationship issues. It isn’t uncommon that your snoring could lead to several different problems. If you or your partner is trying to go through the motions by dealing with snoring internally, it could cause many things. Among them are: wanting to sleep alone and anger towards the offender.

For a solid relationship, you need to be able to do everything with your partner including sleeping. Instead of talking about the problem, the person that is losing sleep because of snoring might go with sleeping on the couch instead. This way, they can get their sleep in, but the relationship loses something in the process.

When it comes to anger, anyone in your house that is losing sleep at night could be in this position. While it is easier to understand a bedmate being angered because of their proximity to the sounds, other people in the house could experience this feeling as well. The actual sound of snoring can become loud depending on how much the airway is being obstructed.

How to Handle the “Talk”

You need to be open in a relationship. That is the only way you and your significant other can survive as one. This includes having the “talk.” There is a right way and a wrong way of going about telling your partner that their snoring is becoming a serious problem. What are some of the best tips on how to go about this conversation?

  • Don’t do it in the middle of the night when your sleep has been affected: Don’t do it at three in the morning and don’t do it immediately after you both get up. The best time to do this is when you are not upset or angry about the situation. This allows you to speak calmly with your partner and avoid the conversation from escalating from civil to unruly.
  • When you go into the conversation, know that your partner is not doing it purposely: This is one of those forgotten parts of the situation. The person snoring doesn’t do it purposely and the person losing sleep needs to realize that when they begin the conversation.
  • Avoid confrontation: The absolute best way to have the conversation is to not yell and be angry. Snoring is something that can be worked on and changed. Keep that in the back of your mind.
  • Try to infuse humor into conversation: If your partner doesn’t do well with having their faults brought up into the conversation, one of the best ways to speak with them about their snoring is by bringing humor in. Joke around about it. Tell them it sounds like a train is going through the house or come up with something more creative.


In terms of the person who is the snorer in the conversation, the first thing you need to realize when the situation is brought up to you is that you need to not be hurt. Of course, you might not even know that you snored or that it was as bad as it is, but you need to understand that it’s better off for you and your relationship that it is brought up. What are some of the things you need to keep in mind when having this conversation?

  • It’s just like any physical problem: Snoring happens to most people around the world. It can affect infants and elderly people the same. It can be likened to catching a cold or spraining an ankle playing basketball.
  • It may be hard, but try to not be offended: This is a common flaw for a lot of people that are being told something negative about themself. Just understand that your partner is a little frustrated about the situation and needs to let it out. That is the most important thing to remember.
  • Understand their position: Don’t immediately think that your partner needs to get over it. First, you would be just as upset if you were losing sleep and you need to take that into consideration. Secondly, the fact that they are bringing this up to you is best for your health considering the serious health problems that could arise from continuous snoring.
  • Show that you’re in it together: After having the conversation, show that you care about the relationship. Suggest that you look up remedies to the problem together so you can find the best way to make everyone happy.

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