The Latest Technological Advances in Sleeping Health

The Latest Technological Advances in Sleeping Health


The way technology continues to evolve with each passing day, it shouldn’t come as a surprise as to what is being invented. That can be said about everyday items such as cell phones, toothbrushes and computers. The same can be said about

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health care items like wearable wristbands that track your steps, heart beats, and sleeping patterns. The latter item is something that we will be discussing here today.

In the fight against snoring, sleep deprivation, sleeping apnea and other sleeping disorders, there have been dozens of new “advancements” made in hopes of helping to stop snoring and cure any sleeping ailments and conditions that develop. One of these new advancements is a smart bed. The x12 smart bed is set personal essay to be released in February and retail for $7,999.99. This cost may be high for some, but if you listen to the manufacturers and designers of this expensive bed, it is $8,000 that would be well spent.

What’s Included

Select Comfort, the makers of the Sleep Number bed, furosemide, furosemide lasix for dogs, gabapentin dosage, augmentin 875 mg,, augmentin 875, lisinopril side effects

– an advancement in its own right – unveiled this new bed last week at the Consumer Electronics additional coursework on resume Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The bed is constructed with sensors that measure your rate of breathe, as well as heart rate and movements, and send all the information to companion apps designed for smart phones and tablets. The Sleep IQ will even rate how well (or poor) your sleep was for the night and will give you suggestions for improving your sleep.

Another feature this bed has is the Partner Snore Button. This is somewhere that we have all been before. Our bedmate goes to sleep before we do and while we lay in bed trying to get comfortable, they are passed out and appear to have a train coming out of their mouth. The Partner Snore Button phone applications to spy will help to reduce the likelihood of that problem occurring again. The headrest on their side of the bed can be raised, which the designers hope will help to alleviate the snoring problem.

The bed is so advanced from the traditional bed that you can make verbal commands to make it do whatever you like, plus even has a light beneath the bed, helping to making those 4 a.m. bathroom visits easier to manage.

In honor of the beds Select Comfort is known for, every x12 bed sold features the Sleep Number feature. This allows each person

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to change the firmness of the bed to fit their liking and preferences. The cost of the queen-sized bed is $7,999.99. If you would rather have the custom upholstered bed with side panels and nightstand, the cost will be $15,399.99.

What are Cheaper Alternatives to x12?

While the x12 might be a great purchase for those couples that feature one snorer and one person that is kept awake each night by snoring, it is an expensive purchase to make and

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one that may be difficult for some to warrant making. Especially considering that this technology is new and not tested by the public, many potential customers may wait until all kinks are worked out. If you want to spy phone try something innovative that may help your mobile spy phone sleeping habits improve, there are many other cost-effective items that will help you sleep better.

  • Sleeping Apps

With most Americans owning a smartphone, there are hundreds of companies creating apps from tracking the number of miles you run, balance your checkbook and help you sleep better. Among the apps that you can get that are supposed to help track your sleeping habits are the Sleep Cycle and Sleepbot. There are other apps that are linked to “wearable” items that can be linked to your smartphone. One of the most popular of these units is the Jawbone Up and another is the FitBit One. This unit tracks your motions throughout the day and even has a setting that will wake you up within 30 minutes of your scheduled alarm clock setting.

  • Wake Up Light

One of the most interesting pieces of technology that has been developed to help you sleep better is a wake up light. For many people, one of the best ways to wake up is when the sun begins to peek through the curtains of your bed room. The Phillips Wake Up Light follows that premise and slowly releases a light as it becomes time for you to wake up and if that isn’t enough, the unit has a built-in alarm clock.

  • Sleepow Pillow

    Another innovation that was introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show last week was Sleepow. This is a pillow that has a built-in sound machine and mp3 player. The pillow plays tones at different frequencies and levels from ear to ear. This is meant to promote relaxation and make the sleeping process simpler.

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