Truths and Myths About a Good Night of Sleep

Truths and Myths About a Good Night of Sleep

MW-BP852_sleep_MG_20131126014820For every person, there is a different set of rules that apply to them regarding their sleep patterns and what they need each day to operate to their fullest potential. Some people can get five hours of sleep each night and get up for work ready to operate completely, while there are those that can’t function properly with anything less than eight hours. As time has gone on, there have been numerous myths and facts put out regarding sleeping patterns, but what are the ones you need to know the most?

Do I Need Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night?

This is one of those parts of sleeping that is always considered the norm and the needed amount for adults to function properly throughout their day. Adults typically need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night to have a great nights rest, and everything less or more can lead to several different health conditions. While seven to nine is the norm and eight hours is considered the average for most people, a normal sleeping period can last between four and 12 hours, and it all depends on the individual.

Will I

Sleep Less as I get Older?

This is another common question asked of many young people who tvo homework help witness the struggles their parents have getting to sleep as they get older. A person who used to fall asleep as soon as their head hit the pillow can almost suddenly begin suffering from sleep disorders, which many consider to be because of age. This is not the case as the lack of sleep as you get older can be attributed to other factors.

One of those factors isn’t the problem getting to sleep in the first place, rather it is maintaining that sleep cycle for the same amount of time that was experienced in the past. Part of the problem can be from waking up more each night to use the restroom or awake for other reasons. While many feel that your sleep reducing with age is a myth, you should discount the fact that you may have a sleeping disorder and should speak to a physician.

If I Take a Nap, will I Catch up on My Missed Sleep from Last Night?

This is one of those ideas that work both ways. There are factors that will help you determine whether your nap is doing any good to your system or if it is write my essay simply harming you. The length of the nap and the time of day you have the nap is what will help or hurt you. If you take a quick “cat nap” for 15 to 20 minutes between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., your body will react better and you will feel more refreshed.

If you take a nap outside of these times and it goes for longer than 45 minutes, it could have the negative effect on your body. These naps can lead to the feeling of grogginess or confusion. Napping after work or school for an extended period of time an also disrupt your regular sleeping patterns and affect how easy or difficult it will become to sleep at night.

Will Sleeping in on the Weekend Help me Feel Better?

Trying to find the time in the busy everyday life to get a solid night of rest can be difficult to do. Whether you are working from home well after prime time television shows are done airing or just staying awake to work on a science project for your kid, you lose out of sleep during the week, which only makes your week feel as though it is dragging. When it comes to Saturday and Sunday mornings, the last thing you want to do is set an alarm to get up and that usually leads to sleeping in well past the point where you would normally.

If you are getting an extra hour or two of sleep each day, you will be helping to reconcile the lost sleep from earlier in the week, but this isn’t the case if you have fallen too far behind in your sleeping.

Is it True that Having Sex Before Bed Will Keep Me Awake?

For many men, falling asleep after sex isn’t usually a problem, while it can often be one for women. It all depends for either sex on numerous factors including how tired you were beforehand and how it went between the sheets. It can be looked at like this. If you have an enjoyable time and now feel relaxed, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to get to sleep. On the contrary, if the experience wasn’t pleasant and you are feeling anxiety, stress or anger, your ability to fall asleep within a reasonable time will be affected.

There are many other sleeping myths that have been looked at including if you could actually die in your sleep because a bad dream led to a heart attack and whether drinking warm milk after awaking in the middle of the night making it easier to get back to sleep. Regardless, if you find a way to relax before bed and live an overall healthier lifestyle, it should be much easier for you to get those extra few minutes of peaceful sleep each night.

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