How Foods Can Change Your Sleeping Patterns

How Foods Can Change Your Sleeping Patterns

Shrimp Can Help Improve Your Sleeping Pattern

It’s funny how life goes sometimes. There are things that we need to survive each day that wreaks havoc – or in some cases, helps – on other things we need to survive each day. In this example, we are talking about food. We already know that alcohol and caffeine can cause sleeping issues for men and women, but recent studies have made it clear that there are some foods that will help you sleep better, while there are also foods that can have a negative effect on your sleeping patterns. What are the foods that will help you sleep better and what foods should you avoid?

Eat More of These Food Items

  • Turkey

This is one of those food items that is widely known to help you get to sleep. On Thanksgiving Day in the United States, millions of men and women take a nap after dinner because of what is in the turkey meat. In the turkey, there is tryptophan, which helps your body produce niacin, which is a B-vitamin that produces serotonin. What serotonin does is works to calm your brain, which is what helps make you sleepy.

  • Kiwi

When it comes to what one of the best food items is to help prevent sleeping disorders is kiwi fruit. There was a study performed in Taiwan on women where they were given two kiwi fruit an hour before bed. These women fell asleep 45 minutes earlier than those who didn’t, and they actually had a better night if sleep. Kiwis contain serotonin, which much like with turkey, helps to calm the brain and make you sleepy. They also have a lot of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that has been known to lower your blood pressure.

  • Pistachios

The health benefits of eating pistachio nuts has been known for years. Pistachios have a lot of vitamin B6, which is an important part of the entire process of developing serotonin. Pistachios have also been known to contain “healthy fats,” as well as protein and fibers, which all work together to keep you full and help you

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avoid extra cravings. If you are wondering whether you should get your pistachios in the shell or not, scientists from Eastern Illinois University say to go for the nuts with the shell because they are more satisfying

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for you.

  • Shrimp

Much like turkey and kiwi, shrimp contains tryptophan, which as we now know, helps to fight sleeping disorders from developing in your body. It has been found that those with high levels of serotonin are more likely to be in a good mood. If you are having a bad day and are walking through the grocery store, get a package of cocktail shrimp and you should be able to reverse your mood in no time.

  • Jasmine Rice

If you eat jasmine rice about four hours

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before you go to bed, you will fall asleep more quickly than those who don’t. This fact came from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and the reason behind this is that jasmine rice is considered a high-glycemic food, which has also been known to raise tryptophan levels.

Ignore These Food Items

  • Pizza

Ask anyone that has gone to New Orleans about a late night pizza run on Bourbon Street and they will tell you that it was one of the best food items they had. However, ask them how they slept that night and they might tell you that they didn’t get to sleep as easily as they would have hoped. Pizza has a lot of calories and when you are trying to get ready for bed, instead of your body preparing to rest, it will be trying to digest the pizza.

  • Curry

Any fan of Indian food that decides to eat a dish with a lot of this spice in it will likely struggle to get to sleep in a timely manner. This spice can raise your body temperature, which can cause


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  • Green Tea

While green tea is one of the best things you can drink throughout your day, it is one of the worst things to consume close to bed time. Of course, green tea is made with caffeine, so for those that have sensitivity to caffeine will struggle with this at night. If you need to drink tea before bed, consider a regular decaffeinated tea, or an herbal option.

  • Dark Chocolate

Much like with green tea, if you need to have a chocolate during the day, dark is your best option health-wise. When it comes to eating dark chocolate at night, it will do more harm than good because it has Theobromine,

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which is a stimulant that is known to keep people up at night.

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