How Important Are Strict Sleeping Patterns?

How Important Are Strict Sleeping Patterns?

Sleep Deprivation

This article goes hand in hand with the article I recently posted here called, “Truths and Myths About a Good Night of Sleep.” In that article, I discussed what points were facts and what were myths regarding the amount of sleep needed to function, how age affects how much sleep you need, the role naps play in our ability to catch up on sleep and how sleeping in late on the weekend actually helps you get back those lost hours during the work week. Two things I didn’t cover was how important a strict sleeping pattern is and how oversleeping can cause problems to

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your health.

When a person suffers from sleep deprivation often does so because they have unrecognized sleep disorders. After a normal night of sleep, you may not feel refreshed, but you may attribute that to common stress and issues. In fact, this could be your first sign that you have a sleeping disorder. There are many issues that can arise in those with sleep deprivation, including:

  • Memory Impairment

One thing most people can relate to is trying to work the day after getting just five hours of sleep, only to struggle remembering certain tasks and having difficulty processing information. This is a task that is hard enough with just a single day of sleep deprivation, but over time, these basic acts become increasingly more difficult to pull off.

  • Poor Life Quality

In our busy lives, there is usually enough time to complete all the required tasks for work and the tasks needed to complete our family responsibilities. When you are sleep deprived, these tasks are often difficult to maintain and will usually lead to you sleeping through your favorite television shows, movies, or even schools functions.

  • Relationship Issues

One of the biggest issues many people experience when they are sleep deprived is problem with their relationships. This often occurs in bedrooms where one person snores and keeps the other awake at night. This can lead to friction within the relationship and can

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lead to divorce, or can lead to the couple sleeping in separate bedrooms or moodiness.

  • Decreased Alertness

When a person is sleep deprived, they usually begin to suffer from problems with their alertness level and even their performance at certain tasks. Your alertness can reduce by as much as 32 percent with a loss of just 90 minutes of sleep in one night.

  • Occupational Injury

Sleep deprivation can be dangerous or fatal in many professions including truck driving, arbor care and machine operators.

  • Traffic Accident

Each year, there is an estimated 100,000 automobile accidents with more than 70,000 injuries and 1,500 fatalities each year. Those figures came from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and those numbers could continue to rise as individuals do more and get less sleep each night.

Illnesses Sleep Deprivation Can Lead to

Those who suffer from sleep deprivation and don’t seek out treatment can suffer from numerous ailments and conditions. Among the most dangerous for your health are heart attack, heart failure, stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, psychiatric problems, attention deficit disorder and fetal and childhood growth retardation.

But I get More Sleep Each Night than Suggested

Oversleeping is something that many people wouldn’t feel is much of an issue, but this aspect of sleeping, which is on the opposite spectrum of sleep deprivation, can be as equally dangerous to your health.

There are a few factors that come in play regarding oversleeping including age, activity level and lifestyle habits. When a person is sick, they may want to get more sleep, but this is normal. On a normal day, it is expected that adults sleep between seven and nine hours each night. When you start to consistently get more than nine hours of sleep each night, you may begin to suffer from oversleeping and the health problems that come with it. Among those health conditions that are dangerous and in some cases fatal include diabetes, headaches, obesity, heart disease, depression and back pain.

There have been numerous studies conducted in the past that have find those who sleep more than nine hours each night can die. The actual explanation behind this is unknown but speculation says that low socioeconomical status and depression could play a role in mortality.

Sleep deprivation is a dangerous problem that can lead to more serious conditions if left untreated. It is more common in many people than realized as the condition can often be thought to be simply stress or lack of sleep. This isn’t the case and one solution to it would be having a solid sleeping pattern that is followed throughout most of your week. It is also important to understand how important it is for you to not oversleep, as this can also be a problem for your health.

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