Narcolepsy in Children: The Scary Facts

Narcolepsy in Children: The Scary Facts


According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, narcolepsy is a disorder that causes extreme daytime sleepiness. The disorder is also known to cause muscle weakness and those with the disorder will find it difficult to sleep at night and

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will instead fall asleep at random times including during the middle of a conversation, during dinner or any other activities. The condition can affect men and women and spy mobile phone symptoms usually begin during the teen or young adult years. It can also occur in later years for children, but rarely occurs before the age of five.

Episodes of narcolepsy kids homework can be scary for some to see for the first time. When a person with narcolepsy, especially kids, begin to go into this state of sleepiness, they may appear to be acting goofy, but in reality, it is their body shutting down and going to sleep. The body becomes limp and the child usually falls to the floor. When they are on the ground, it is mobile spy phone not surprising to see their limbs moving around and this is because of the vivid scenes being played out in their head.

For a pre-teen, being diagnosed with narcolepsy can require the parent to alter their complete strategy for parenting. If your child takes part in theatre, you will have to be sure to follow a strict schedule for whatever medication being prescribed to ensure that they don’t fall asleep on stage. If your child plays sports, the same alterations will need to be done in order to ensure they don’t fall asleep on the basketball court, football field or baseball diamond.

Overview of Narcolepsy

When a person falls phone spy application to sleep at night (or during the day), there are two main phases of sleep. You will start in the nonrapid eye movement state of sleep which is called NREM. After about 90 minutes, most people switch from NREM sleep to rapid eye movement. When a person is dreaming, this occurs in the REM state. Also during the REM sleep state, your muscles will go limp and will in turn, prevent the acting out of dreams.

Those who suffer from narcolepsy will usually fall into the REM state of sleep quicker and will then wake up from their sleep because of this. The result of this spy partners mobile phone would having vivid dreams when falling asleep or waking up.

When a person suffers from narcolepsy, they will usually have low levels of the chemical, Hypocretin. This is a chemical in the brain that helps to promote wakefulness and even today, the correlation between these lower levels and narcolepsy are not well known.


are the Causes of Narcolepsy?

There are many factors that researchers feel cause the lower levels of hypocretin, which is the cause of narcolepsy. Among them include:

  • Heredity

There is a gene in the human body that can be passed from parent to child that affects hypocretin. Of those that have been diagnosed with narcolepsy, about 10 percent have reported having a family member suffer from the same symptoms.

  • Brain Injuries

Brain tumors, strokes and other traumas including automobile or work-related incidents have also been linked to lower hypocretin levels.

  • Autoimmune Disorders

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When your body has one of these disorders, your body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy cells and tissues. One notable example of this would be rheumatoid arthritis.

Other possible factors that researchers believe are the cause of narcolepsy include infections and low levels of histamine, which is a substance in the blood that promotes wakefulness.

What Can Narcolepsy Lead To?

  • Cataplexy

This condition results in the sudden loss of muscle tone when you are awake. This muscle weakness can affect either the entire body or just certain areas. If cataplexy occurs in the hand, it may lead to the sudden dropping of an item. This can last anywhere from a few seconds to minutes.

  • Hallucinations

Hallucinations can occur during an awaken state, or during sleep. These vivid dreams can seem realistic and make it difficult to understand what is real and what is the dream.

  • Sleep Paralysis

When a person suffers from sleep paralysis, it prevents the individual from moving or speaking when waking up or in some cases, while actually falling asleep. This will usually resolve itself within a few minutes.

Is there a Cure?

The scary thing about this occurring in children is aside from the fact that their lives are altered and their schedule needs to be adjusted to prepare for sudden sleepiness. There is no proven cure for the condition and for kids, often the only medication that can be prescribed is something like Ritalin.

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