Rhynil – Spray For Nose & Mouth

Effective relief from the symptoms of allergies, nasal congestion, sinus infections, high levels of catarrh and snoring.

Good for: Nose Snorers, Mouth Snorers

In the battle with snoring there are some important factors one needs to look at. Snoring can be either mouth on nose related. To determine which kind of snorer are you, take an online snoring test now!  Some treatment method, such as Rhynil can be used by either type of snorer.

What is Rhynil?  Rhynil is a spray that can be used both for your nose and mouth and is the right product for you if you are suffering from normal congestion from various ailments ranging from the common cold, flu or allergies. This is a very common reason for snoring for many and Rhynil really helps to clear your nasal passages and allow for smooth and snore free breathing. Rhynil was formulated in 1992 by a member of the Institute of Medical Herbalists and was originally brought onto the market as “Snore Calm Herbal Spray.”

Ingredients. One of the best reasons why Rhynil is a solid option for you in your fight against snoring is because it is made completely from a natural herb called Euphrasia Officinalis. The herb is more commonly referred to as eyebright.

Rhynil also has antiseptics properties and anti-bacterial components and can be used to counter any infectious conditions that may have developed in your sinuses or airways. Also it can be used to effectively treat and control catarrh, which is a disorder of inflammation of the mucous membranes in the airways or cavities of the body.

Overall, the ingredients used in the formula for Rhynil have been known to be effective at treating inflammatory conditions in the body such as allergic rhinitis. These allergenics can be found in common household items and wreak havoc on your nasal passage and airways. Other common reasons for allergies are house dust mite, pet hair, pillows, insect sprays, air fresheners, fabric softeners and perfumes. When you use Rhynil to combat these allergenics, your breathing process will become much easier and snoring can be eliminated altogether.

How to Use. When it comes to using Rhynil, you can spray it either in your nose or your mouth. Spray it in each nostril like you would any other nasal sprays or apply it to the rood of your mouth. The formula used to create Rhynil is stronger than the original version in 1992 and has been proven to be more effective in preventing and combating snoring.

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Customer Reviews:

Does work to an extent! I have been buying this for a few months now and it has lessened my husbands foghorn snoring significantly. It seems to lose some of it’s potency over long-term use though. At first it stopped the snoring all together but now it’s more like it has muted the snoring. I’ll still be buying it though.”  Posted by L. Grace, Belfast, UK

Peace at last! I have to say this is the best snore spray on the market, but unfortunately, not available in shops only online. My husband had a dreadful snoring problem, but since using this, we now both have restful sleep. The only reason for giving it 4 stars and not 5 is that sometimes it doesn’t work all night long, so I have to wake him up to take some more and that does the trick. If you want a peaceful night sleep, then do buy this it really works.” Posted by Liz, United Kingdom

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