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Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

Stop Snoring Mouthpiece


Keeps your jaw in the right position
Prevents your tongue from falling back
Prevents teeth grinding
Helps to keep mouth closed and prevents snoring for back sleepers

Good for: Mouth Snorers and Tongue Snorers

If you don’t know what kind of snorer you are the easiest way to find out is to take the snoring test. If you happen to be a mouth snorer or tongue snorer a Stop Snoring Mouthpiece could be the way to go for you.

This type of snoring is a major issue for those that sleep on their backs. In such case snoring happens because your mouth is open and your tongue falls back into your throat.

What is Stop Snoring Mouthpiece? Traditionally speaking, stop snoring mouthpieces are also known as mandibular advancement devices or MAD. This product is meant to solve your snoring issues by holding your lower jaw in a forward position which allows more room for you to breathe and negate the possibility or snoring. In addition, the mouthpiece helps to keep your tongue tongue in place preventing it from falling back into your throat.

How does it work? Most snoring issues happen due to blockage of airways and can be eliminated by the mouthpiece, repositioning your lower jaw and therefore widening the pathway for easier breathing.

Other benefits: Another great benefit of using Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is that it can prevent you from grinding your teeth. The constant grinding of teeth can lead to serious issues in your mouth including in some extreme cases, the need for dentures, root canals and other oral procedures.  If you have dentures, uneven teeth, gum disease or any other issues in your mouth, you should consider contacting us beforehand to make sure this mouthpiece will work you.


  • CE RoHS patent SFDA
  • High Tech Medical Silicone
  • Germs Free Handle Included




Customer Reviews:

It works! I purchased this product thinking it may or may not help, its a gamble, lets face it.  I was pretty desperate, as my wife was constantly on my case. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I can’t believe the results. My wife sais i have stopped snoring and I am sleeping much better now too. I must say though the mouthpiece is kinda hard to get used to, so that’s a bit of an inconvenience, but its worth it still. The order arrived quickly too and the fit seems fine also. ” Tom Burek, South Carolina

“I was not dissapointed! I am a skeptic and had my doubts about this product. But my snoring got so bad that i would keep everyone in the house awake. My sister in law told me about this product and how it helped with my brother’s snoring (yep, it runs in the family) and i thought i’d give it a try. It reduced my snoring quite a bit, i wasn’t disappointed. Take my word for it and try it!” Jim F, Florida

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