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The Latest Stop Snoring Device Meant to Save Your Marriage

The Latest Stop Snoring Device Meant to Save Your Marriage

snoring_stop_mouthpieceMillions of men and woman around the world suffer from snoring. It is a condition that affects men and woman of all ages the same and in many cases where it is left untreated, can lead to serious health conditions like obstructive sleep apnea, heart disease or stroke. Snoring can also cause problems in your relationship as it can be the reason why anger develops within your relationship and in many cases, leads to divorce. Snoring is the No. 1 medical reason for divorce in the United States and the third most cited causes of divorce overall.

From Stop Snoring Pillows to CPAP Machines to Anti-Snore Rings, there are numerous devices and tools that have been used around the world to help cure snoring. There is now another tool to add to the list as there are currently trials being conducted in Chicago that are testing an implanted device that is designed to keep your tongue alert, preventing it from falling into the back of your throat and becoming an obstruction.

Like a Pacemaker?

The new device is like a pacemaker and is implanted beneath your tongue. When you go to sleep, the device will be activated and sends electrical signals to the muscles in your throat, which will keep them toned and stimulated.

When you look at a condition like obstructed sleep apnea, one of the main problems is the position of your tongue when you fall asleep and can also lead to other problems like high blood pressure. This technology has not yet been approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration but depending on the outcome of tests at the Advocate Illinois Masonic Hospital in Chicago, could see approval in the next year or two.

The Process

The actual process in which you get the chip implanted is considered minor, but you will still need to go under local anesthesia. Much like with a pacemaker, this device will run on a small battery along with a thin wire that is activated with a remote control. Like a pacemaker, if you will want to continue use of the chip after the initial battery period, you will need to undergo surgery again. For those that are afraid of having surgery, this method might not be the ideal treatment.

Why Choose this Method?

The need to have surgery to help eliminate snoring from your body is considered a reach for many people, but for those who have tried other methods and failed, this is the best logical step. For those that have been unable to use a CPAP machine or didn’t see much change with the device, this new method may be something that finally helps you improve your health and the relationship with your bedmate.

What other Methods Can I Use to Eliminate my Snoring?

If you are nervous about going under to get the implant under your tongue, you still have other treatment options that have been tested and proven to work. The other snoring treatment options you can use to try and help eliminate this problem from your bed room and save your marriage include:

  • Jaw Strap

For open mouth snorers, the jaw strap is a tool you can use each night to help keep vibrations from developing in your airways. The jaw strap was made with comfortable material that won’t irritate your skin. The silky material is one that is proven to prevent snoring and is also known to improve the overall quality of sleep you get to begin with.

  • Stop Snoring Pillow

This item is something that works extremely well for open mouth snorers that sleep on their back. Unlike regular pillows that cause your diaphragm to fold and lead to an obstruction in your airway, the Stop Snoring Pillow keeps your diaphragm in its correct position, allowing for utmost airflow.

  • CPAP Machine

This is one of those stop snoring tools that works well for many people, but there are rare cases when this device will not cure your snoring. Also known as a continuous positive airway pressure and features a small machine that pumps a steady flow of air through a hose and then to either a face mask or nose piece. Some of the problems you may find with a CPAP machine is they leak, lead to dry mouth or nose and can often lead to difficulties falling asleep. If these problems happen to you when using the CPAP Machine, there are adjustments you can make. Some of the problems you may find with your CPAP machine is struggling to get used to the feeling of using the device, having the wrong sized mask, the feeling of claustrophobia, annoyance with the noise and how the face mask comes off from time to time at night.

When it comes to trying to save your relationship, there are numerous options you can seek out as a way of treating your snoring issues. Whether you use a traditional method like a CPAP Machine, a jaw strap or stop snoring pillow or go with something newer like the tongue stimulating chip, you are working to better your health and improve your relationship. When you and your spouse both get a good night of sleep through the night, you will both end up better because of it.

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